Monday, February 1, 2010

What You Should Vote For


  • Make educational content easily available to students online.
  • Schools can earn additional funding through online content.
  • Teachers have opportunity to suppliment their income.
  • Homeschooled and Traditional students have accessible education.
  • Give teachers an outlet to create video lesson plans and post online.


This project, yet to be named, is inspired by the open content movement making education available to students of all ages. It also addresses the need for homeschoolers and traditional students to have diverse educational opportunities on the same subject matter. We also recognize the poor economic situations where teachers are underpaid for what is a pivotal role they play in the lives of students and the future of our country. We see schools with less and less funding and feel we may have a solution to offer teachers the ability to post their lesson plans using video and other digital media and students more diverse educational opportunities that are accredited and can be used both as study tools as well as supplement homeschooling programs. The teachers have the opportunity to earn additional income for their lesson plans and the schools they work for can earn a portion to supplement their funding needs.


Online repository for video and multimedia lesson plans.

How will the 250K be Used?

$ 50000 Provide Flip video cameras to schools to help produce online content.
$ 150000 Design, develop, test and launch online application.
$ 50000 Market online program to schools and students.

Go vote!

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