Saturday, January 1, 2011

What 2010 was like

Wow this year went by fast! I started 2010 feeling a bit down and lost, but I ended up having a blast!

Most of it had to do with a job I started in late 2009. Working for the conductor Ivan Fischer, looking after his kids and traveling with them was an absolute highlight. Getting to go to Greece, Prague, an Germany, while making enough money to travel on my own.
I went to London twice to see friends and audition for Disney.
Auditioning for Disney was the funnest thing I did...well..until it came to the last cut :S :P
But walking around London, eating food that reminds me of Australia, and seeing sights was awesome fun!

My sister graduated college, and after months of telling her I couldn't come see her graduate, I decided 4 days before it to surprise and and around 11pm walked into her house scaring her to death!

And well, the summer...the world cup was on. Enough said.

Point of the whole jumbled out of order explanation is that 2010 was awesome! Hope 2011 is just as awesome!

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