Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Quarter Starts Tomorrow!

Last quarter did not end well for me. I didn't meet the goals, I didn't get the grades, and I ended my last class feeling disappointed with myself and kind of lost.
I have never really been good at anything, like ever, and since starting at this school I have had a lot of people congratulate me on finally finding something I'm good at, so when I started to struggle and find the work more and more difficult on the technical side I started to wonder if I was really cut out, then I started to struggle on the construction side and really question my own ability to do anything really. Just another thing I was bad at, joining the long list of almost every other talent that exists.

The dress that got me down.

I started to think of other things I could do instead(spoiler alert: I'm trained for nothing), I wanted to stop wasting my Mum's money on something I had no hope in.
Just as I was about to climb in bed to feel sorry for myself while eating chocolate like the world lamest chick flick ever, I decided to stop being dramatic.
If I let a few bad classes get to me, then I really am not cut out to be in fashion.
There was only one thing to do: get up of my ass, get more positive, and work all my frustrations out on the next quarter.

This video is about a break up, but change the lyrics in your head to be about what I went through with my bad class:

So all I have been thinking about on break is ways to improve next quarter. Stay more organized so I don't spend anytime looking for anything, go into lab time on more Saturdays so I will always be ahead and if I mess up I have time to go back, and just to not let the little things get me down as I did this past quarter.

In my first quarter our teacher had us watch Unzipped, a documentary about Issac Mizrahi. It starts off with him getting a horrible review from his fashion show. No one liked it, most people said it was the beginning to the end of his fashion career. He gave himself the walk back to his studio to dwell on it and went right into planning his next show. You cant let defeat keep you down.
Unfortunately no videos have the beginning in it, however it is a fantastic movie, and I highly recommend it!

I let thing's like working with Illustrator, which I had never used before, really hold me back from getting work done and getting my creative best out. I waited until I had to go in on Saturdays before I put in extra time.
Now I'm not going to wake up tomorrow suddenly the best student ever, lazy habits are hard to break and demons are hard to get out of your head, but I sure as hell wont let what happened last quarter happen again.

Decided to put up my favorite boards of work to inspire myself to only turn in my best. there is more to be added like the one on the right.


  1. Keep your chin up. The better you work at something and the more time put into it, the better your project turns out. Usually if I'm struggling with personal problems when I have to get something done (and believe me it happens to the best of us), I usually try to distract myself from it all, make time to relieve stress, and keep on working. If I get stressed out or ashamed for not even putting much effort, I usually take a moment and repeat the routine I made. Maybe if you made your own routine as well, it could even help out with your situation. But the last thing you don't wanna do is get discouraged or give up. :)

  2. You can do it!!! You are SO good at this and many other things, do not put yourself down. Maybe you need a theme song to play in your car on the way to school:)