Saturday, July 4, 2009

A love story

I remember my first bike, it was pink and I called it Rocco. Because it had the brand Rocco on the side.
It was an awesome bike and I loved it, but I desperatly wanted a mountain bike with gears, for no other reason then it was what my sister had.
I loved riding up and done our street that was shaped like a long half pipe.
Like most things from my childhood, I can't remember when or why I stopped riding my bike all the time, but I did.
This year I started riding an old bike we had in the locker down stairs, and it has been so much fun! I ride down to the weekend house, around town, to Műller thats across town and to go take obnoxious pictures of myself, like this, this and this
But recently it has been having problems. The tire is always flat, the handle bar turns 360 degrees without warning and more.
so yesterday my love went for a little surgery.

I love my bike.

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