Tuesday, July 7, 2009

No internet, no tv

Today I had to get up and go straight to the doctor for my sore ear.
Got some medicine, and I didn't think it really worked, until it wore off just now, and I realized it really did work.
But when I got home i found the internet not working. Which, Ok, i can live with that, I planned to watch some TV, vacuum, clean up a bit. Unfortunately the TV was not working either, so it was just me and cleaning. So I vaumed up, cleaned up, and then took the puppy out for a walk.
She went for a swim in the water, and I sat and read I Am America and So Can You. Love stephen Colbert.
When I got home I watched some dvd's, after that around 7:30 I wanted to go for a run. Got dressed, got ready, about to turn the computer off when, THE INTERNET CAME BACK ON!!
So I ditched the run and cuaght up with everything I missed.

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